4 Ways To Protect Your Furniture Fabric From Stains And Dirt

Are you also one of those people who think that the only recourse to dirty stain-free furniture fabric is to buy furniture with dark-coloured upholstery? Let’s be honest, the most incredible looking patterns are not always in darker tones.

We all know how expensive all these high-quality pieces of furniture are nowadays. We end up spending thousands or more on a recliner, sofa, or loveseat. Maintaining the fabric of your furniture becomes a crucial part when you own beautiful looking furniture, especially if you want to keep it looking new. No matter what kind of fabric covers your sofas, dust and dirt will cling to any upholstery making it look stained and dull. Especially, if you have kids or pets at home, your upholsteries will get dirty much faster.

A small investment cand save you a huge cost of replacement or repair down the road.
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Follow these 4 simple furniture fabric protection tips to keep your sofa looking new for years:



Gone are those days when the only way to successfully protect the fabric furniture against the unwanted and inevitable stains was to cover your sofas with ugly sofa covers and towels. They are certainly effective but can not allow you to truly get the comfort you pay for while purchasing your gorgeous furniture.

Thankfully, today, there are furniture fabric/upholstery protectors available in the market. In many cases, these are in a liquid form, which is conveniently packaged in a spray bottle. It blocks the spills from penetrating into the furniture and turning into a dark stain.



A lint roller comes in handy when you have to remove pet hair from your couch. It is quite effective and an easy-to-use technique to deal with this problem.
Another technique to get rid of the layers of dust and dirt is vacuuming. It is generally recommended that you vacuum your upholstery weekly to improve the air quality of the room and get rid of the allergens from the fabric. It is extremely helpful when you need to clean the dirt from those hard-to-reach corners and to manoeuvre through the cushions of your sofa.



A lot of people forget to buy slipcovers while getting a new sofa. No, these are not those ugly sofa covers with rough fabric that is uncomfortable to sit on. These are soft fabrics that cover your couch completely. They are easy to put on and remove. This comes in handy when you have kids or pets at home. You can have this on at all times and when you are expecting guests to come over, just take it off and your couch will look brand new. 

It is highly suggested to invest in these slipcovers to protect your furniture fabric from all the unwanted stains and dust.



The choice between doing-it-yourself and hiring an expert for the cleaning job depends on two factors: affordability and your expectation of results.

The cost of hiring a pro would certainly be higher than doing it yourself, however, the experience and skills of a professional would yield far better results when it comes to fabric protection and cleaning. They know how to apply these fabric protectors without altering the look and feel of the fabric underneath. Also, if you already have a stain on your furniture, these professionals will do a great job of cleaning it. 

These were some of our tried and tested recommendations for you to keep your furniture’s fabric as new as ever. Just keep in mind that if your sofa gets stained, you should try to clean it up as soon as you can!

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