10 Signs You’re A True Mumbaikar

The city of dreams is home to millions of dreamers. Are you one of them?


A love for the sea, a stomach for street food, a craze for the nightlife, and an indomitable spirit — what really makes one a Mumbaikar? Being merely born in the city, if you ask us, is not enough. You have to accept the city for what it is and let the city accept you too to truly feel at home.


But how can one put that to the test? Well, these ten signs should be a good place to start!


  1. The local is your life saver — no two ways about it. Sure, the crowd still makes you nervous, and the words ‘agla station, Dadar’ might send a shiver down your spine, but you still swear by it. And of course, where else can you watch a pirated movie over someone else’s shoulder, or shop for a comb, torch, or keychain while on the move?


  1. You genuinely believe it’s a sweet deal when you land a ‘studio’ apartment (read: one room kitchen) and pay Rs. 15,000 for it. So what if half the things you own don’t fit in it?


  1. Unlike the rest of the country, you’re actually accustomed to paying for autos and cabs by meter.


  1. Speaking in Bambaiya Hindi is second nature to you, and you don’t need someone to explain what the words ‘Bantai’, ‘Pantar’, or ‘Bidu’ mean.


  1. You can easily eat a Vada Pav for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The same goes for any other  form of delicious street food, be it Pani Puri, Misal Pav, or Ragda ‘Pattice’.


  1. No matter what anyone says, and how many names are officially changed, it’ll always be Bombay, VT, Carter Road, and Town to you.


  1. People from other cities often begin to wrap up their parties by 10 pm. A mumbaikar will start making a clubbing or a night-out plan at 10 pm.


  1. And if you stumble upon a celebrity at the party, you will play it cool and ignore them, because Mumbaikars don’t get starstruck, do they? And of course, you’re lowkey embarrassed when your cousin from Delhi drags you along to visit Shahrukh Khan’s house at Bandstand. Ugh.


  1. You know, deep down, that there are three seasons in Mumbai: summer, summer with rains, and summer with the occasional nippy evening. (When we say nippy, we mean that time in December when it’s 24º C and you use it as an excuse to whip out your sweaters and leather jackets.)


  1. And lastly, you’re known for your unbreakable spirit. Be it floods, attacks, or any other form of disaster or calamity, you’re always willing to help those in need. And of course, when the dust settles, you get on with your life the next day like nothing happened!


What else would you say makes one a true Mumbaikar? Comment and let us know below!


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