Living With A Roommate? Here’s How To Make It Work As A Girl

Looking to make a home with flatmate? Here’s how to do it without going crazy!

Roommate — that person you’re forced to smile and live with because that’s the only way your poor soul can afford to live in an apartment in the city. Making a home with another person, especially with someone whose tastes differ from yours, is a challenge of its own. If you’re planning on doing just that, though, here are some tips on how to do it without losing your marbles!

Make An Effort To Get To Know Her

You can’t live with a complete stranger — that’s stupid and scary. We’re not saying you have to be best buds — but you have to get along at some level to successfully build a home together. Get to know what she loves and hates, figure out a common ground, and take it from there — it’ll go a long way in forging a healthy relationship between the two of you.

Leave Her Stuff Alone

Don’t use her shampoo. Don’t use her hair straightener. Or her deodorant. Or her hair brush. Or her make up. Or her clothes. No, they were right there is not a valid excuse. Unless she has explicitly told you it’s OK to do so, do not borrow (read: steal) her shit — that’s really not cool.

…Unless You’ve Invested In It Together

If you’ve pooled in money and bought something like furniture together, it’s obviously OK to use it without her permission. However, instead of buying furniture, it makes more sense to rent it instead. Not only do you save a ton of money, but services like free delivery and installation make life a lot easier too.

And well, you can’t exactly break a dining table in two if she ends up moving apartments, no?

Hygiene Matters

Don’t leave your hair in the sink. Or by the shower. Or anywhere, really — that’s just gross. Don’t leave your dirty laundry, especially your undies, on the couch or strewn across the living room. You may be sisters of Satan’s waterfall, but she doesn’t wanna know about it when she visits the washroom to take a piss. If you cook, clean up behind you — dirty dishes are a big no-no.

Point is, don’t be that disgusting person you wouldn’t want to live with yourself.

There Will Be Differences — Learn To Take The High Road

You could be best buds, but you’re still two different people. And as is the case with anyone, there will be differences. If it’s trivial, learn to ignore it or accept it — it’s better than ruining your relationship and peace in the house over it.


OK, you have boyfriend — that’s great. But having them over all the time can be very annoying for your roommate. Maybe they want to laze in their shorts, and they won’t be comfortable if your boyfriend is there all the time. Or maybe they just want to have their space to themselves, and your boyfriend’s  constant presence takes that away too. Remember, they didn’t sign up for this!

And Lastly, Communicate And Compromise

Communication is vital for any relationship to thrive — especially if it’s with someone you share a living space with. Sit down with her and talk about what’s right and what’s wrong with the apartment once a week, and create an environment where it’s OK for the two of you to talk about it with complete honesty.

Similarly, if she says something’s bothering her, try and compromise and work on it. Remember, the goal to make a happy, peaceful home, and making compromises, both ways, is the only way to achieve that goal.

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