Start your journey through India’s shopping extravaganza by checking out the top 10 shopping malls. From Mumbai to Delhi, this architectural wonder is redefining retail therapy with spacious spaces and a variety of stores to meet the needs of every shopper. Explore the world where shopping meets entertainment, culinary delights await around every corner, and every visit promises an unforgettable experience. Join us as we invite you to shop, dine and relax in luxury as we discover the wonders of India’s greatest shopping destination.

Lulu Mall Trivandrum is the largest mall in India

17 acres of land with 225 outlets promise an unforgettable experience. Start shopping with 100+ international brands, dine in great restaurants and enjoy entertainment events. With the largest ice rink in South Asia and a 12-lane bowling alley, it is the epitome of shopping excellence. Lulu Mall invites everyone to create unforgettable memories in a world of wonder.

The DLF Mall of India, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Step into the heart of Noida, Uttar Pradesh and discover a world of luxury and excitement at DLF Mall India. Since its grand opening in February 2016, this architectural masterpiece has redefined the shopping landscape, captivating visitors with its 46,500 square feet of retail paradise.

With over 300 brands, five exclusive shopping zones, 75 food and beverage options and a 7-screen cinema, DLF Mall India promises an extraordinary experience. Come and immerse yourself in luxury, excitement and endless possibilities – because every moment at DLF Mall India is a celebration of sophistication and style.

Select Citywalk Shopping Mall, Saket, New Delhi

Step into the vibrant world of Citywalk, chosen as the third largest mall in India and a beacon of sophistication in New Delhi. Since its grand opening on October 12, 2007, the impressive 1.3 million square metre shopping complex has redefined the shopping experience.

Nestled amidst the vibrant beats of New Delhi, Select Citywalk is not just a shopping mall, it is surrounded by hotels and is a cultural hub frequented by tourists seeking Delhi’s hospitality. 

Elante Shopping Mall, Chandigarh

Explore the pride of Chandigarh, Elante Mall, India’s fourth largest mall. Spanning a large area, Elante Mall attracts visitors with its unparalleled offerings.

From high-end fashion boutiques to gourmet restaurants, this architectural marvel is redefining luxury shopping. Elante Mall promises an unforgettable experience for everyone with a vibrant ambience and diverse entertainment options.

Phoenix Market City Shopping Mall, Mumbai

Phoenix Market City in Mumbai stands tall as the fifth largest mall in India offering an unparalleled shopping and entertainment experience. Phoenix Market City caters to every shopper’s needs with multiple locations and a variety of stores.

From luxury boutiques to international brands, this gorgeous mall is a shopper’s paradise. Indulge in gourmet dining, catch the latest movies and immerse yourself in the world of entertainment. Experience the vibrancy of the shopping scene in Sukabumi at the Phoenix Market, a journey of discovery for every visitor.

Fun Republic Shopping Mall – Lucknow

Fun Republic Mall in Lucknow boasts of being the sixth largest mall in India, attracting visitors with its lively atmosphere and unlimited entertainment options. With its spacious layout and variety of stores, Fun Republic Mall offers a shopping experience like no other.

From fashion boutiques to dining and entertainment, this amazing mall caters to all needs and desires. Whether you’re looking for the latest trends, want to eat, or are looking for a fun experience, Fun Republic Mall has it all. Experience the excitement and glamour of Lucknow’s shopping scene at Fun Republic Mall, where every moment is filled with fun and adventure.

World Trade Park Shopping Mall – Jaipur

The World Trade Park in Jaipur proudly holds the title of the seventh largest shopping mall in India, offering a wide variety of shopping, dining and entertainment. With its sprawling layout and architectural magnificence, the World Trade Park stands as a symbol of luxury and sophistication in the heart of Jaipur.

From international fashion brands to gourmet restaurants and exciting entertainment venues, this magnificent shopping centre caters to the needs of visitors. Explore an open world of indulgence as you shop for the latest trends, great flavours and dips.

Phoenix Market City Shopping Mall, Chennai

Discover an oasis of shopping, dining and entertainment at Phoenix Marketcity, Chennai. With over 1 million square feet of retail space, this sprawling mall is a shopper’s paradise and boasts a wide selection of local and international brands. Pamper your taste buds in a diverse array of restaurants and cafes that offer everything from gourmet cuisine to fast food. In addition to shopping and dining, immerse yourself in a world of entertainment, from blockbuster movies at the multiplex to exciting arcade games. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, delicious food or fun-filled activities, Phoenix Marketcity has something for everyone, making it the best place for a day out with family and friends.

Phoenix Market City Shopping Mall, Pune

Phoenix Marketcity Mall Pune is your ultimate destination for shopping, dining and entertainment. With more than 300 brands, 50+ dining options and a state-of-the-art multiplex, it offers something for everyone. Regular events and promotions keep things interesting. Whether you’re hunting for the latest fashion, enjoying a meal or catching a movie, Phoenix Marketcity has it all. Experience the thrill and excitement!

Orion shopping mall, Bangalore

Orion MallLocated in the dynamic suburb of Malleshwaram, Orion Mall is a shopping paradise with all kinds of shopping and entertainment. It’s a one-stop shop, whether you’re looking for the latest fashion or exclusive home accessories, you’ll find it here. At the end of a productive shopping trip, you can find refreshment in the cinema of the multiplex or have a fresh meal in one of the restaurants of the shopping centres.

Frequently asked questions about the largest malls in India

Q: Which is the largest mall in India?

A: LuLu International Shopping Mall in Kochi is currently the largest mall in India by total area.

Q: What can you typically find in India’s largest malls?

A: They offer a mix of shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreational activities.

Q: Do large malls in India have multiplexes?

A: Yes, most large malls feature state-of-the-art multiplexes for a complete entertainment experience.

Q: Are there international brands in India’s biggest malls?

A: Absolutely, you can find a wide range of international and national brands in these malls.

Q: Do the largest malls in India host events?

A: Yes, these malls regularly host events, sales, and promotions to keep visitors engaged.

Q: Is there parking available in India’s largest malls?

A: Yes, they typically offer extensive parking facilities to accommodate a large number of visitors.

Q: Do big malls in India have food courts?

A: Yes, they have diverse food courts offering a variety of cuisines to cater to all tastes.

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