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Perk Coffee Table

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Make your RMI (Rental monthly Installments) plan
Choose a plan without worry. You can close or extend it anytime
Retail Price
EMI for 36 mo
₹516 / mo
RMI for 36 mo
₹399 / mo
Refundable Deposit₹1038/-
399/mo for 36 months
Pay refundable deposit ₹1038

Why RMI?

Product Details

Rental vs Emi

Relocate for free when you move
Changing your house or even your city? We'll relocate your rentals for free within the city or to any of our 8 operational cities!

Furniture as good as new
Quality matters to you, and us! That's why our team does a thorough quality-check for every product, so it reaches you in a condition as good as new.

Easy returns, no questions asked
If you don't like the product you receive on delivery, you can return it right away. We'll initiate the refund of your deposit within 24 hours.

Free maintenance and annual cleaning
We offer maintenance for your product every 3 months and annual cleaning—free of cost, so you can sit back and relax.

Close your rental subscription anytime
At any point during your rental tenure, you can easily return/ cancel the product by paying a minimal amount equal to the difference in monthly rental rates, which isn't possible when you buy using EMI.
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Try now, buy later
Love the product you've rented from us? Buy it later at a nominal price to own it forever.

Swap later for a newer design
Bored of the same product and style? Just swap it after 12 months to try another design and enjoy the change!

Questions and Answers

What is RMI ? How is it different from monthly rentals I pay to Rentomojo ?
RMI is a short form for Rentomojo Monthly Installments which are the lease payments that you give monthly for usage of the product for a stipulated time frame. It depends on factors like market value of the product, tenure of service and interest charged.
Monthly Rentals are different from RMI as it also incorporates over the top expenses like insurance, maintenance costs etc over and above RMI costs per month.
Monthly Rental = RMI + Insurance costs / month + Maintenance Costs / Month

Why do you guys compare your service with EMI ?
We are firm believers of the fact that long term renting from Rentomojo makes more sense than outright purchase or other forms of buying a product from retail such as EMI. Thats why we compare overall costs with rentomojo with your total costs in the case of EMI for different tenures. Checkout the comparision of costs vs benefits.

Who rents for 36 months ?
36 months is the most preferred tenure due to the following reasons : possibility of shifting is high as an avg consumer today shifts twice in 3 years*. Rentomojo saves you from this burden by providing you free relocation within city or any of the major metro cities*. Not just that ! you end up paying a smaller monthly payout compared to emi, with an option to either own or return the product anytime as per your changing life priorities. Not to mention you can swap every 12 months. Compare costs vs benefits for 36 months to check how financially viable it is !

Will i be charged any cancellation fee if i return early ?
We do take a settlement fee when you close early. Lets us explain how we charge with an example. Say you have taken the products for 12 months and your friend has taken for 6 months. If both of you close at 6 months, you pay only a difference of what your friend has paid for 6 months and what you have paid in those 6 months. Isnt it fair ! check out settlement calculator

Why are rentals changing with tenure ?
its unfair to charge the same price across tenures as consumers end up paying a lot more than whats fair in cases of longer tenures. so to make it fair for someone who is committing longer, we reduce rentals with tenure similarly to how EMI reduces with tenure.

Is relocation really free ?
Intercity relocation and Intracity relocation comes free with our service. We help you relocate to any cities we are present in.

Why do you guys take deposit ?
We typically give you products worth a lot more than what we ask for in return as monthly rentals. To safegaurd us with risk of defaults or intential damage, we charge a nominal deposit.

How soon can i swap my products ?
Our products can be swapped every 12 months.

What all do you cover in free maintenance ?
We take care of all manufacturing defects and minor wear and tear. Not only that we end up waving damage upto ₹1000*

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