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For a generation that wants it all, these options can come in pretty handy

Let’s face it. We live in a world where if something isn’t there when we want it, it gets to us pretty fast. Think about it: Unlike our parents, who were used to waiting for the bus, waiting for the power to come back, applying 3 months ahead to rent a house or who were used to saving up for years before they could buy the furniture they wanted, we millennials have almost everything we want and need at the tap of a button.

Don’t have the money to buy a car? Rent it. Can’t find your style in a store? Get an online stylist to send you a fashion subscription box. This list goes on, and quite rightly so. Technological advents and the rise of global shared economies have taken focus away from just having things to having access. Here, we explore how you can have access to top services and products – even if you don’t have a fully loaded credit card and don’t want to deal with EMIs, all with the magic of subscription.

Beauty & Self-care

India Grooming Club

Touting themselves as the Dollar Shaving Club of India (or the Uber of men’s grooming), this niche company provides men’s grooming products at a slight premium. Their bestseller, the monthly shaving box costs only Rs. 750/month and includes the essentials like shaving cream, blades and a premium blend aftershave. They also have their own perfumes, face wash and facial cream options, so your skin can get the best butch care! Check them out here.

Fab Bag

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This one is already quite famous with the ladies! The Fab Bag is a monthly subscription box with a twist. When you subscribe, you get a bunch of surprise goodies every month. Some of their amazing items have included benefits lip balms, lush soaps and homemade essential oils. While the feel good factor of treating yo’self is definitely a steal at about Rs.400/month, it’s the surprise element that’ll make you feel like you’re getting all the TLC you deserve.

Being Juliet

Ladies, imagine how amazing it would be if once a month, right before you’re about to get a visit from aunty Flo, a delightful box with all of your “that time of the month” requirements shows up on your doorstep. Being Juliet is making just that happen. Entirely customisable (down to the size and brands of tampons or napkins that you would prefer), this monthly subscription service also features surprise goodies – like pain relief oils, herbal teas to soothe your tummy-ache, chocolates to alleviate your mood, and face masks to counter the hormonal rampage on your face. Plus, while placing your order, you can specify your dates and they’ll make sure that you get your box of lovin’ at the right time. While period subscription boxes are gaining ground in India, Being Juliet is also one of the most affordable ones at Rs.399/month.

You can subscribe to them here.

Food & Groceries

Tea Box India

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Chai-lovers rejoice! One of India’s premium tea brands, TeaBox also provides monthly subscription to themed tea-box. The themes range from Winter Warmth to the Floral Spring Tea Box to the humble Chai Box. Each box contains five packets (which you choose from 7-8 blends as per your preference) of their premium teas – ideal to make 60-75 servings of tea. While on the steeper side of the budget at Rs.999/month, we think the variety of the teas makes this one worth every penny. You can subscribe to the Tea Box here.

Fab Box

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Who said organic living and a healthy snacking lifestyle can’t be convenient? The Fab Box proves otherwise with their curated 5 snack packs a month offering. Each box contains healthy, organic and chef recommended treats like ragi masala twists and flaxseed chikki. The subscription is available in 1, 3 and 6 month tenures. The box does cost a whopping Rs.3500/month, but if you’re the health junkie who does not mind paying a bit extra for your convenience and fitness, this might just be the pick for you. Tried and tested, we can vouch for the taste and the feeling of superiority you get by taking care of your diet, even if for just a bit.

The Gourmet Box

If you’re not looking for just snack-boxes and need something more hands-on, look no further than The Gourmet Box. This monthly subscription box offers a range of international ingredients and snack options. Be it spices and condiments to add zing to your cooking or premium cheeses to pair with that Merlot, if it’s gourmet food, they’ve probably got it. You can subscribe to a box of your choosing for either a month or for 3 months.

They also have an option where you can order a single box of your choice as a gift. Pretty thoughtful, right? They boast of high quality, and often, organic products starting at Rs.900/month. And did we mention that you get recipe ideas for each ingredient in the box? We think that this box does provide a ton of value for only a fraction of your monthly grocery budget.
You can subscribe to them here.



We know, we know. Most people don’t think of transport when it comes to subscriptions. However, at just a fraction of cost of buying, RentoMojo’s bike rental subscriptions are the ideal value for money – especially if you consider the long term costs of owning a bike. The bike rentals start at just Rs.1839/month (much lower than EMIs, TBH) and cover all the possible costs you can imagine – insurance, maintenance, delivery and you can even swap your rented bike for a different model if you like. You can choose a rental tenure of anywhere between a month to 36 months, and you can cancel anytime you want without any hidden cancellation fee. If you’re someone who does not want to spend thousands a month on a cab and want to simplify your work commute, this is definitely something you should consider.

You can pick a bike here.

ZAP Subscribe

Why stop at bike subscriptions? If unlike Bangaloreans and Punekars, the traffic in your city is not out to choke you and is somewhat bearable, a car subscription makes complete sense in terms of the costs. ZoomCar’s monthly car subscription service – called ZAP subscribe, starts at Rs.14,999/month and are available for 6, 12 and 24 month tenures. Their deposits, starting at just Rs.2000 are quite nominal and wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket the same way a hefty down payment would.

You can know more about ZAP Subscribe here.

Housing & Home-Durables


You didn’t think it would end at just bike subscriptions for RentoMojo, did you? RentoMojo is the largest furniture and appliance rental company in India. Their product range is huge and includes durables – furniture for every room, home and kitchen appliances, and decor products such as lamps, beddings, and curtains. In short if you have a house, any house, RentoMojo can help it become the space you want.

The rental subscriptions start at Rs.99/month and come with all the perks, including free maintenance, free relocation, free cleaning and free installation and delivery. Plus, you can return or own the products at any time during your subscription tenure. Speaking of tenures, one can subscribe for any duration between 3 to 36 months. The commitment phobic in us is jumping up and down with joy at the prospect of not being tied down by furniture!

Kasturi, an entrepreneur from Bangalore, shares here how RentoMojo made a great lifestyle more accessible for her.

Subscribe to RentoMojo furniture and appliance rentals


This one wouldn’t be considered the traditional subscription option. However, Homigo does provide you access to premium budget housing in major cities, without you having to spend hefty amounts (10 months security deposit, anyone?). Homigo has a range of housing options – from sharing to full apartments – and functions as a fully-furnished and appliance-equipped co-living space. While they have monthly rent payments like a conventional landlord, they also give a host of services like meals, laundry and security. Plus the deposit you’ll have to pay is only 1 months’ rent. It’s hard to put a starting price on their service as it depends heavily on the area and city of your residence. However, on an average you may pay anywhere between Rs.20000 to Rs.35000 per month for a 1BHK accommodation in a premium locality.

You can check out the various Homigo properties here.

Zostel Passport

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Again, while far from the traditional definition of subscription, the Zostel Passport is a flagship offering by the company that allows you access at a discounted price to their properties when you travel. This means getting rid of the overly expensive hotel bookings or waiting for ages for your Airbnb host to reply. You also get the added perks through their partners in 25 cities, including meal discounts and exclusive offers. You can know more about the Zostel Passport here.


The Moja Club

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Known for their quirky sock designs for both men and women, The Moja Club is committed to adding whimsical prints and bright, colourful socks to your wardrobe. Their sock subscription box, which includes one random, never-before-seen print, is a hit among fans already. Priced at a modest Rs.399/month, their subscription is perfect for those insta-worthy “lazy day in” shots. You can cancel it whenever you want or even gift it to someone quirky! While you won’t get an option to choose the print or design you receive, they assure you (in their own words), that it’ll be something “you’re sure to love”.

Subscribe to The Moja Club


Another box with a surprise content list, Sugarbox is a fave among the fashion bloggers and trend-divas. The boxes start at an affordable Rs.1199/month and each box contains an entire melee of lifestyle, fashion, and beauty products. You can get an idea of the kind of mix and products you’ll receive by browsing through the previous boxes section on their site. The items ranging from cool crop tops to lavish room slippers, are curated by stylists and are delivered straight to your doorstep by the end of each month, which makes you all set to conquer the world next month in style.


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There aren’t many subscription boxes, specifically fashion subscription boxes, available to men out there. This is what makes Krate a crowd favourite. Their customised style boxes are suited to your taste. You take a simple online style quiz, describe your size and fit preferences, and Krate sends a box of 2-3 select items to your doorstep. While we understand that this isn’t your typical ‘subscribe and not buy’ model, it does provide you access to personalised styling services and delivers items for just Rs.1500/month – a price truly remarkable for quality menswear. You can find out your style here.


Now that we’ve sorted out the everyday clothing and the little surprises, let’s move to grander things. We all know how gut-wrenching it can be to spend a bomb on that Sabyasachi outfit for a wedding, only to never wear it again. Flyrobe has a simple solution to that problem – rent it.

Their product range and their prices clearly imply that you don’t have to pay through your nose to look like royalty. Flyrobe has a large collection of menswear and womenswear for various occasions, ranging from weddings and religious events to formal ceremonies and black-tie gatherings. Their prices start at as low as Rs.500/month for a 4-day rental (quite the bargain if you ask us)! The process also allows for custom-fitting and trial so that when a big event rolls around, you are dressed to the tee while having your pocket intact.

And there you go, that’s your guide to have access to almost everything – Roti, kapda, makaan and then some! What do you think about access in these changing times? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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