10 Laundry Tips & Tricks You Must Know: Washing Machine Edition

These laundry tips & tricks are secrets that have been passed on from wash to wash!


Washing clothes is a chore that has been around for ages. Ask your grandparents and they’ll tell you how in the earlier days, they had to wring out the clothes with their own two arms and all their might—just to get it ready for drying! Say thanks to Alva J Fisher for making our lives thousand times better by introducing the incredible “washing machine” to the world.


Now, we love laundry day unlike a lot of others. Do you know why? The secret is in the details—tips and tricks that we’ve learned and collected over the years. Trust us, your laundry day is about to get a whole lot easier! Don’t have a washing machine?

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Here are our top 10 laundry tips & tricks:


1. Start with the basics

laundry tips & tricks

Before you begin, you must unbutton, unzip, remove pins and buckles, close snaps and hooks, secure velcro, and check the pockets to ensure that your clothes don’t get destroyed in the process.



2. Don’t lose your socks

laundry tips & tricks

Only if we had a nickel for every lost sock! Clean your socks in the washing machine by keeping them together in a pillowcase or mesh bag and never lose a sock again.



3. Remove stains first

laundry tips & tricks

A lot of people think a washing machine will take care of stains easily, which is a huge misconception. Ensure that you clean and remove all the stains before you put your clothes in the washing machine. Read here to get tips on how to remove stains.



4. Read the label

laundry tips & tricks

Most clothes come with a tag that mentions the best laundry process/ tips for that piece. Learn and understand the laundry symbols here before you wash your clothes to keep them intact for the longest time.



5. Separate darks & lights

laundry tips & tricks

Raise your hand if you’ve had at least one white t-shirt that came out light pink after a wash. Keep your clothes looking the same after every wash by just washing your dark/ bright colored clothes and whites separately in the washing machine!

Bonus tip: Add a little Vanish to your whites to keep them white and pristine.



6. Turn them inside out

laundry tips & tricks

Direct exposure to detergent can fade out your colored clothes! Solution? Turn your clothes inside out before putting them in the washing machine. Easy, right?



7. Use a DIY chemical-free fabric softener

laundry tips & tricks

Allergic to chemicals used in fabric softeners? Create your own! Mix ¼ – 1 cup of white vinegar and a few drops of your favorite essential oil and add it during your final rinse.



8. Always air-dry naturally

laundry tips & tricks

We can’t stress this enough. Always, always, always dry your clothes using natural air or sunlight. Don’t have open space or access to sunlight? Air-dry inside under the fan!

Bonus tip: Drying white clothes in the sun can naturally bleach them!



9. Iron & fold like a pro

laundry tips & tricks

Yes, this does seem extremely tedious. But once you hack it, getting through this part will be a breeze! Learn useful tips on how to iron your clothes from HowStuffWorks and time-saving tips on how to fold your clothes from Good Housekeeping.



10. Keep the machine clean

laundry tips & tricks

Not everything that cleans, cleans itself. Unlike soaps, washing machines need a little sprucing up and maintenance once in a while. Talk to a RentoMojo authorized representative about our free maintenance and annual cleaning service for your RentoMojo washing machine.


These are totally doable hacks you can try when you’re doing your next load. And, if you don’t have a washing machine, we’ve got you covered!

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