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Automatic Washing Machine (Top Load)

Wash away your extensive workload with our top load automatic washing machine. Save on time and more on your utility bills. No need to hide all that dirty laundry anymore. Say hello to clean clothes.

Sizes & Dimensions
  • 24" L x 23" B x 39" H

Safety & Usage
  • Do not overload the washing machine
  • Ensure to clean inside the drum to avoid damage
Features & Specs
  • Capacity/Size : 6
  • Brand May vary
  • Whirlpool/Haier/Godrej/Samsung

RMI:  699
Deposit:  ₹2490
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Single Door Fridge (170 Litre)

Our single door fridge has a fast and effective cooling system to keep your food fresh. While it’s quick cooling saves you time, the energy-efficient technology ensures great cooling at low costs.

  • 25" L x 23" B x 47" H

Safety & Usage
  • Defrost at regular interval
  • Avoid placing hot items in the refrigerator
  • Use a stabilizer in case of voltage fluctuation
Features & Specs
  • Capacity/Size : 170 Ltrs
  • Brand May vary
  • Whirlpool/Haier/Godrej/Samsung
  • 3 Star or above

RMI:  579
Deposit:  ₹2050

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